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Nuclear Waste Store: A little bit of History


Thank you for visiting our store!

We're Nuclear Waste, our mission is to provide you the best available merchandise in the underground music business!


Established in 2005, in a cozy little shop on 5th Street in Downtown Tijuana where we made our debut as an alternative clothing store and began to grow. We've since then moved to our actual location on 3rd St. where we have a three leveled fully-stocked shop complete with a piercing studio.


*Street View of our store front*


We also take part in several other events such as vinyl, music and anime/otaku expositions, while at the same time bringing bands over to put shows on in our City. Plus, we also sell online through Ebay, the Latinamerican based Mercado Libre, Facebook and of course, this website that you're browsing through right now.

So here it is! Feel free to take a look around and we hope you like it. We'll be adding some extra features over the next few months, so make sure you come back regularly!

Contact us.

Phone: +52 (664) 685-8178 (México)

We are based in Tijuana, México, just a mile down from the San Ysidro, CA, USA International Border.

Come visit us at:

Nuclear Waste Underground Store
Calle 3ra #2015
Between Revolution and Madero Ave.